Josie Sandi

Letter from the President

Dear Tigers,

The Garvanza Elementary technology and leadership magnet PTA was founded with you in mind! Together with our principal, Mrs. Gilman, Mrs. McNab-Hyde, Ms. Paradelo, Ms. Leva, Mrs. Dominguez, Ms. Velasco, and I congregated to introduce the National PTA to our school family. The journey has been interesting, educational and exciting; above all it has been valuable.

Our school year has been eventful with the introduction of our new principal who made this possible, and some fantastic new programs. We are appreciative of all the work our staff and parent center has put in to the stability and foundation of Garvanza elementary school and we hope to partner with all of you in support of those efforts. Additionally, we hope to bring new programs to our school and strengthen some of our ties to the local community. We have had so many fun events from movie nights to chuck e cheeses fundraisers and career day and dances. It is our goal to partner with our school community to bring many more possibilities to our students and to leave a legacy for future generations of Garvanza Tigers.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

What defines us as parents and educators is our contribution to society and each other’s wellbeing. We hope that it is evident through our programs and events that our board has your best interest in mind and we invite you to engage and get involved. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to information on events, meetings, or programs. We welcome all suggestions and we urge you to actively participate according to your availability in the enrichment of our children. Above all, we hope to make our elementary school journey fun, full of support and new friendships and to provide a welcoming environment to all who walk through our doors. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Josie Sandi, President
Garvanza Elementary Technology and Leadership Magnet
Parent Teacher Association, 10th District